How Technology Affects Sports

We are in an age where it is important to extract as much information as possible and use it to improve our performance and projects. One area where technology innovations not only thrive but up the stakes is sports. We are not talking about betting opportunities like in Betway Introduction, but on the real effect, the new ideas that help athletes improve themselves. Here are a few ways technology affects sports.

What Happens to the Body?

Forget about what your coach said about giving out 110%. Even though many athletes sacrifice their well-being for breaking the natural limits of their bodies, we need to make sure the players are in top shape not only for the coming matches but for the future as well. This is why there is a bunch of computers that are either wearable or can be ingested that give us some idea as to what is happening to our bodies at any given time, including while we are performing any type of strenuous activity. This information includes body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and many other pieces of data that paint a picture of the subject’s physical state.

It is not only a great way to preserve one’s health and to alert the team about any upcoming problems, but it’s also instrumental in finding a training regimen that is not going to exhaust the athlete in question. Perhaps the athlete is enjoying too little rest or neglecting some exercises that are essential to keeping fit. Regardless of what the potential issues are, the technology can alert us ahead of time and let us plan accordingly.


Picture this: a soccer player who is having trouble with a particular type of kick. They have seen it done a million times, and it has been explained to them over and over again. They think they get it, but somehow always miss the mark, convinced that they are doing everything in their power to perform well. What is there to do?

Luckily, with cameras and numerous apps for iOS and Android devices, coaches and managers can help each member of their team by filming their training sessions and playing them back to the athlete with tips and advice on how to do the action in question better. There are even apps that analyze the motions of a kick, jump, and the like, that give ample data regarding what needs to change.

Assistant Coaches

Human referees and judges are, well, human. That means that they are not above making mistakes during calls. There is a growing number of computerized video referees that provide proof about fouls, falls, and other irregularities. While not all sports and leagues use this technology, it is rapidly growing in popularity for its lack of bias towards any team or player.

Social Media

Social media allows sportspersons to engage their fans directly, as opposed to press conferences and mail. It also allows the teams to reach out to sponsors, spread the message about their brand and allow other brands to benefit from the association. Filmed training sessions, inspirational stories, and charity work are just some of the uses for this medium.

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