Best Advice for Online Marketing

Don’t be fooled by the gurus; online marketing follows the same rules and principles as regular marketing. Grab someone’s attention, quickly leave a positive impression or pique their interest, and keep the prospect hooked until you make a deal or finish your pitch. This means you might get a “no” today, but a “yes” tomorrow.

The second best-kept secret is to follow what everyone else is doing. By keeping a close eye on online businesses and their marketing practices, you can see what works and try it out yourself.

Don’t blatantly copy someone else’s model, but ask yourself these questions:

  • What is their target audience?
  • What are they selling to the audience?
  • Did they grab the audience’s attention?
  • How do they talk to their audience? Formal, informal, personal, humor?

When you know what they had in mind and how they realized their marketing, you’ll be well equipped to make your own online marketing shine.

Know Your Product

Everyone on this Earth has something he or she wants. If you’re going to sell something, it’s really important to identify the ins and outs of your own product. By knowing all there is to know, you have the position of an authority over your prospect and you can earn the prospect’s trust and gain a faithful customer, not just for this sale, but for many more in the future.

Know Your Target Audience

Remember how everyone wants something? Different people have different needs, but different groups can have similar needs. Categories might include children, mothers, fathers, gamers, veterans, car enthusiasts, young male adults, etc. If you know your product, you’ll know what type of people are most likely to buy it. You will then market it towards that specific group of people and make them your customers.

Grab Their Attention

This is where the tiny differences in Online and Land-based Marketing come to the surface. Instead of buying prime-time ad space on television, or buying billboards on high buildings or busy highways, you will make a good website and hire a proper SEO to optimize it.

If a person searches for a product you sell, a great SEO will have your site on the top of the results page, funneling potential customers to you. Familiarize yourself with your target audience and buy ads on the platforms your audience often visits. If they’re young adults, go with Instagram. If they’re middle-aged, Facebook’s the norm these days. And if they’re teens, Snapchat and Youtube are their things.

Know How to Talk to Your Prospects

This is the hardest part of the sale, but remember this and you should be fine:

  • Why is the customer here? Because they have a problem that needs to be solved.
  • Ask them about their problem, and go into details. Listen to them closely!
  • Is your product the solution to their problem? If it is not, let the customer go. He or she might be back because you were respectful and honest, or might put a good word in and bring you more customers.
  • If it is, make them see it as the solution. The customer might not know something you know about the product, and might not be able to realize it is what they need. Educate the customer.
  • A sale is almost guaranteed now, and you’ll know you did a good job if the customer thanks you after the purchase.

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