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Tradologic Trading Platform

Tradologic Binary Options PlatformAlthough one of the more recent producers of binary options platforms; Tradologic has become one of the most respected and trustworthy platform providers for binary options brokers around the world. The platform has been improved several times and is now extremely user friendly as well as one of the easiest platforms to operate in the world.

The links to market data have been well written and provide excellent assurance to all traders that they are trading on the most up to date information possible. It is linked to Reuters and at least eighteen of the main binary options brokers use the Tradologic platform.

The focus of the latest update to this platform is on providing a simple, yet incredibly fast system. All the necessary information is instantly accessible and you can place trades extremely quickly through a few clicks of the right options. Any trader who likes short term trades or prefers to use fundamental analysis will be pleased by what this binary option platform has to offer.

Although there has always been a significant amount of assets to trade in there has, until recently, been only three types of trade. Fortunately the digital, range and touch options have now been supplemented with sixty second trades; these can add the excitement to any number of trades.

Digital Trades on the Tradologic Platform

This is one of the most basic premises in binary options trading. Simply use this strategy to decide whether the price of a specific asset will rise or fall. If you are right then you can generate a good rate of return. The Tradologic platform makes it very easy to navigate your way around potential issues and place a simply put or call trade.

Tradologic Platform Touch Strategy Implementation

This is perhaps one of the most popular trading strategies out of all the different binary options. This Tradologic Platform Review can confirm that the touch strategy is still employed regularly today. All you need to do is select a point which you believe the price of a given asset will reach and then place your trade. Assuming the price of the asset rises, or falls to the price you chose then you will end up in the money and with a profit. In general this kind of strategy will generate a higher rate of return than a standard price directional trade.

Range of Tradologic Binary Options

The Tradologic platform can be utilized to simply decide two price boundaries. The price of your chosen asset must not leave the boundaries you have selected. If it stays within the lines you have created you will gain from a good rate of return.

60 Seconds

The Tradologic platform allows any trader to place a trade which will last just sixty seconds. This adds an additional level of excitement to your trading options.

There are two other features included in this binary options trading platform which are generally very useful to all traders; regardless of their level of experience.


This is a new idea which helps you to finish your option in the money. It provides an audible alarm to tell you that your trade is now in a state of profit. You can then close your trade and collect your winnings without waiting for the end of the trade.

Rolling it Forwards

Another option which can help you to generate a profit is the roll forward offered by the Tradologic platform. It will advise you just before a trade is about to expire whether your trade is in the money or not. If it is not you will have the option to roll your trade over and attempt to win your trade again.

The Tradologic platform is an exceptionally well designed and useful piece of equipment. It is easy to use and most reviews suggest that it is an excellent tool for beginners and experienced traders. The platform has even incorporated a live chat option to ensure help is always on hand; should the simple language not have provided enough breakdown of the concept.

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