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Techfinancials Platform Review

TechFinancials PlatformAlmost every binary options broker needs third party software to provide a base for their own offering to the binary industry. TechFinancials are one of the more prominent platform providers and have supplied the platform to a host of well known binary options brokers.

In fact there is a high level of competition between the different binary options platform providers. You can access many reviews regarding the options on offer. TechFinancials has been recognized as offering one of the easiest to use platforms currently available. They have focused on created screens which can be understood by anyone; even someone who has never traded before. One example of a well thought out, user friendly feature is the addition of buttons on the screen which show a popular asset, the current price and the expiry time of the next trade option.

In addition to this, as well as informing you of what an asset is, there are images associated with all the buttons. These pictures will change as you make your selection; to reflect the next option available and which decision you are going to take. If you have any concerns regarding which trade is right for you then the binary options guide can be easily located online and consulted to help you gain a better understanding of the strategies and the exact functions of each button. It is recommended that all traders read this guide; no matter how experienced you are.

This dedication to understanding the trades on offer will ensure that you know just which button to press at the right time. You will then find it exceptionally easy to locate the trade you want and even the strategy. In fact, the TechFinancials trading platform makes trading in binary options seem exceptionally easy! There are even instructional steps to help you with every step of your trade.

The starting point is the homepage; here you will find a list of trading types; the various assets on offer are grouped by type. Once you choose a specific asset you will be able to see the available expiry times. Selecting this will allow you to see an overview of your trade and confirm its placement by telling the binary options platform how much you wish to invest.

Available Trades with the TechFinancials Binary options Trading Platform

The original list of six trades has now been increased to seven. It is possible to engage in sixty second trades where you need to act quickly and decisively. This is the most recent addition to the comprehensive trades list:

  • High or Low – This type of trade simply involves establishing whether the price of a specific asset will rise or fall. If the price moves in the direction you predicted and is in that direction at the end of the trade then you will gain a good rate of return on your money.

  • Above or below is a similar strategy. Where the high or low approach predicts a direction; this option simply predicts whether the price of your chosen asset will be above or below its opening price.

  • Touch - This is a very popular strategy for those who have a little experience trading. This requires you to have a deeper knowledge of the markets and understand not just the direction a price is likely to move in but how far. You can then place your trade, specifying an exact price you believe the asset will reach. If it touches this price at any point during the time of the trade you get the agreed rate of return.

  • Boundary – As you gain knowledge and experience in trading you will begin to realize that you are able to define a boundary. This is a top price and a bottom price which you would not expect the price of an asset to go past. Your trade involves setting these boundaries and then waiting. If it stays within the boundaries you generate a big payout.

It is worth noting that you can get a high yield and high risk version of the touch and the boundary types of trade. This simply involves choosing market conditions which are designed to make your predictions harder. The more risky your trade the higher the reward.

Whilst the TechFinancials trading platform does need a little polishing in some areas it is generally an excellent forum on which to base your trading options. The range and possibilities will ensure that all traders find something which suits them.

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