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Spotoption Platform

SpotOption PlatformSpotOption has introduced a new platform! The upgrade has taken most of the last year and sees the end of the option builder section as well as the replacement of all the analytical charts. In there place, the new platform offers an improved visual experience, a selection of options to view the screen and better color. More importantly it is now possible to partake in thirty second trades, ladder trades, pairs and even Forex options. Even more impressive and potentially rewarding is the ability to follow other brokers and copy their trades; if you believe they have enough experience to know what they are doing.

The new Spotoption platform provides an improved experience for all customers wishing to start or even continue trading in binary options. Banc De Binary and Finpari have already installed the new Spotoption platform.

The binary option site, created by Spotoption, was first envisioned and built in 2008. It was revolutionary in its time; using a variety live data feeds to ensure every trader had the best possible information they could. It took four years for them to satisfy CySEC that they deserved a license to trade as a binary option broker. As of May 2012 they have been able to legally sell binary options; providing they remain within the guidelines of Cypriot law.

The all new look screen has been improved and now provides all users with every piece of information they could desire. This binary options platform offers easy to read screens and the ability to easily find any piece of information you may need.

There is also a range of new features designed to help each trader make the most of every trade. A good example of this addition is the top picks button; it can be located in the menu. This feature will provide you with an array of trading tips which have been crafted by a team of professionals; these tips can provide you with the advice you need to improve the results of your trading. It is even possible to access specific tips regarding stocks, commodities, Indices or currencies. Alternatively, traders on the main stock market may look at the new site and use the all new hedging feature.

Spotoption Option Builder

This has proven to be an incredibly useful binary options tool. Whether you are new to the Spotoption platform or an experienced trader you will find this innovative feature useful; it works by giving you the opportunity to create your own risk management plan. Using a variety of tools; including stop-losses and matching of assets to timing the end of a contract, you can devise a trading plan with as little risk as possible.

SpotOption ProTrader

This tool is designed to assist anyone who is using both technical and fundamental analysis. The tool provides you with the history of any asset; you can then transfer this, or parts of it to a chart and analyze it. You will quickly be able to spot a trend and react accordingly.

The One Touch Binary Option Trade

This easy to find and use tool literally allows you to create the parameters of trade for a given asset. You can then establish a specific price that the asset will reach and trade accordingly. Assuming the asset hits your price whilst the contract is active you will generate a profit.

60 Seconds

The Spotoption platform review shows a range of thirty and sixty second trades are now available. This is the perfect type of trading for anyone who is adrenaline fuelled and enjoys trying to trade rapidly. A sixty second trade is fast enough to prevent you from analyzing in too much detail.

Additional Trades

Sometimes you will place such a good trade you will want to stay in your trade for longer. To make this possible Spotoption has given all traders the option to double up will allow you to place a matching second investment to capitalize from the current market movement. Alternatively you can simply roll your trade over until it is at the best possible position to generate a profit.

The Spotoption review confirms that this binary options platform is one of the best available; as confirmed by several brokers who are already using the platform. Many other brokers have simply copied the ideas utilized by this platform and applied it to their own businesses.

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