Option500 Review

Option500 ReviewThis broker was formed in the year of 2012 and is located in UK with its homepage option500.com. It is also important to add that this broker is not accepting users from America.

We would like to pay some attention to the advantages and disadvantages of this broker. Namely, the advantages are absence of control, attractive bonuses, high level of return, while the disadvantages are the lack of demonstration profile and just one standard operating profile.


Our examined broker is providing its users with a possibility to operate with currencies, stock, commodity, index and currency pairs. The client service is provided around the clock with the support offices being located in various places. Even though this broker has been launched only recently, it has already got some prizes for remarkable customer support.


This broker offers just one Standard profile and to open it make a deposit of only 250 dollars. This gives users the right to sign up for the operating platforms, which provide the choice of various options.

In case you invest 5,000 dollars or the sum bigger, it is possible to improve your profile and get the possibility to utilize the ProSystem. These improvings launches the operating platform with extra bonuses, including the full opportunity to utilize the educational programs; online analysis of the deals committed by top level users of its Social Operating Community, full descriptions about all operating options, and absolute compliance with every tool, involving desktop, mobile phone or other gadgets, being totally applicable and functional.

Return is about eighty five per cent in case of beneficial deals, and between zero and fifteen per cent for failed deals. For sure, if operating with more challengeable resources, the return can achieve the higher mark.

It is possible to define the expiration period beforehand, and they are from one minute to one month. Fx is operating around the clock from 17:00 East Standard Time, Sunday to 16:00 East Standard Time, Friday.


This broker provides the social operating platform and is mentioning the list of actual users, which is accessible in various languages, for example, English, German, Arabic, etc.

Information from all over the globe, particularly from U.K. is affecting the binary options brokers, that is why our examined broker has established its own London-based news agency in order to prepare the news pieces right on the spot. Moreover, the financial specialists are monitoring the international flow of information, and provide the updates to every user right away for them to benefit from it.

To become the VIP user it is necessary to submit a recording, demonstrating the policies applied and explaining the operating at this broker’s mobile platform. We could not find any extra data about this feature.


There is a range of educational recording available at this broker, as well as another operating ideas. Also, do not forget to use the informative manuals on the ways of operating at this broker via numerous distinctive resources.

One more useful feature is the agenda with the planned global economic events, as well as the complete alphabetic description of the most widely used terminology.

Take into account the directory of blogs, which is full of useful information for newcomers and experienced users.


When we were analyzing this broker, it gave hundred per cent welcoming bonus from every sum invested into the profile.

In case you attract your friend to this profile, you will get a five per cent bonus as a motivation from the sum he deposited. Additionally, this broker will give you ten per cent more on each investment after three of the attracted friends have launched their new profiles at this broker.

When you launch the profile it is possible to get the electronic book, which provides all the useful data for beneficial operating.

Client Service

The operating centers of this brokers are located in UK, Cyprus and Bulgaria, and it is not just the ordinary phone support. The client service team provides professional assistance via the high level instruments for creating the necessary portfolio with advised deals, policies, etc.

Contact the support team via emailing, phone around the clock and Livechat in working time.

Depositing and Withdrawing

It is possible to deposit via the card or banking transfer.

It is possible to withdraw the funds easily any time via entering the programs and selecting the QuickLinks. It will verify the information of the profile and when it will be approved, the sum will be transferred to the profile during the signing up.


The information on this broker is transparent, full and understandable. All the instruments, options, graphs and lists of assets are of the top level and are easy to find on the screen. The training information is extensive with a big collection of recordings and a participation in the Operating Academy for users of PRO profiles.


Binary Broker Conditions U.S. traders accepted? RATING
Return: 91%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%

Return: 90%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
Return: 91%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 0%


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