IQ Option Review

Conditions U.S. traders accepted? RATING
Return: 89%
Min.deposit: $200
Bonus: 0%

IQ Option ReviewAt the present, IQ Option is reasonably treated to be among the largest options trading brokerage companies. Since the foundation day, the broker has tended continuing growth even though leading industry professionals still have a little awareness of the dealing board activity. Their initial offer enables to attract new customers. They basically stand out due to the low limit down payment rate that allows making dealing accessible to the majority of traders who are able to take advantage of a convenient, customer-oriented and user-friendly hustling venue. The company is regulated by CySEC authority and have been awarded as one of the industry’s top leading and most reliable binary options floors. IQ Option has proved to be a fast growing brand adhering to the most comprehensive and progressive approaches searching for new customers that are offered a training account for extensive practice prior to diving in the gambling game full of difficulties and confusions. Having registered and verified, newcomers are not forced to put money in order to activate a hustling account at the primary stage as it often takes place within many rival binary options brokers.  IQ Option became the Financial Conduct Authority member in 2015 that has promoted to gain a solid reputation and a status of a credible and trustworthy binary trading platform.

IQ Option Day Trading

All the traders registered at the broker are involved in the much-anticipated v4.0 floor that is considered to be mind-blowing by eye board setting the gold standard  for binary trading brokers. It has appeared to be an easily navigated and thoroughly designed gambling venue with the extremely convenient configuration that meets all the customers’ expectations in full. Dealers are free to initiate as many trading windows as they want with either focus on a single operation or managing the whole trading volume – it is all up to a hustler depending on the Options set that is best suitable for him/her. The ordinary trading example images depict one main window and other holdings that are traded separately. All the operations can be exercised synchronously with no interfering other positions.

The price level toolbar section is nothing but an essential part of the hustling board. The buttons that make a platform navigation easier are placed in a convenient manner, promoting completely stress-free trades on the gambling venue which causes no confusion. The order interactive buttons are designed to move in various trading interface areas with a single screen touch only if the position is executed through the specific mobile application. This happens in order not to cope with website’s interruptions and any kind of technical errors might arise. Aside from operational traits, a customer can find several useful peculiarities related to the grounded technical analysis.

The toolbar section involves some instruments aimed at amending the chart’s timeline, along with diagram plotting (for instance, candlesticks or bar charts and so on). The technical analysis menu options are the traits IQ Option could be proud of being a really magnificent addition that allows option trading players to exploit Bollinger bands, MACD and any available instrument that is always at customer’s disposal. Customers can upgrade the quality of trades by immediate adding these features to the chart pattern. The specific drawing order buttons enable to help dealers add freehand graphical images to the charts, thus, trends or support and resistance levels can be involved as well. IQ Option online trading adherents keep in mind that charting is treated among the leading CFD brokerage offerings being a competitive edge due to which the broker stand out.

Another unique option is the dealer sentiment bar aside from analysis sections. The mentioned toolbar unit reflects the way rival hustlers are operating the specific asset. Moreover, it has been designed and implemented options aimed at minimizing and closing the current asset dealing window. In order to choose an asset, market players are able to push down the interactive arrow at the floor interface top. Consequently, by opening another window a dealer will have an opportunity to decide upon an option type to follow and select the traded asset category (for instance, indices or forex) and finally the particular asset to rely on within the gambling game. Once the process is completed, the price point interactive section will update to the selected market. Across the dealing area, top customers can find ‘tabs’ that allow dynamically refer to assets or even markets they have recently dealt with. Another useful feature indicates the traded positions initiated tab that is easily navigated, including all the relevant data on the deals a player is involved in. All the latest and most actual deals related information is represented in the interactive price point section. This toolbar unit depicts an image of the past price level alterations demonstrating the purchase deadline and the expiration period if the lines overlaid on the section. These changes are all referred to a timeframe tune menu located to the right side of the graphic traditionally aimed at amending the expiration term – in the case of changed, the purchase deadline and expiry date will pass through the price point diagram, providing a visual timeline indication. The appropriate interchange order buttons will move the time to the next pertinent time slot. The deal volume section is disposed below the expiration term, mainly on the right side  of an interface.

The low limit operation cost within IQ Option is estimated at only 1 GBP.  The particular asset payoff is shown afterwards confirming the percentage refunded  in the case of a winning trade. Then go to the Profit indicator that shows precisely what volume a dealer should count on when it will be refunded if the deal is disposed of. This section unit includes the investment volume capacity.  Trading buttons can be found on the bottom right side. They are visible and specifically marked with interactive arrows to show the deal course. Binary option hustlers should only single click the operational buttons to make a chance more evident searching for reaching the desirable price level. It has not been involved an approval delay option or confirmation window. As soon as the deal is initiated, a position will have an available status with no opportunity to “remove a bid” or delay a deal. Thus, the line will appear on the price level diagram at the strike. After reaching the expiration period, the confirmation window on the trade related data will be shown stating if the deal was winning or losing as an outcome as well as confirming the loss/profit. The depicted dealing environment stands out due to its sufficient configuration facilities and advanced operational capability to meet expectations and satisfy every trader’s needs. The venue’s visual effect is magnificent inclusive of well-designed pattern and technical analysis specific instruments distinguishing IQ Option among the rival binary options trading brokers. It would be hard to identify the better hustling floor. If anyone still wonders how to trade options and the proper place to deal with, the IQ Option platform would be naturally the place to rely on.

IQ Option Mobile App

The brokerage company’s mobile dealing application was recently updated and is accessible both on IOS and Android mobile verses. It has been reasonably simplified, providing customers with the best ever remote solutions including an advanced gambling area operated through the official website. The figure is exceedingly clear and will inevitably satisfy any sort of even individualized customers’ needs. Traders can find some useful traits aside from the dealing facilities. Account options contain an ability to make a withholding inquiry by a single screen touch straight from the mobile application. The strict attention to details is the course IQ Option has always led. Taking a look at a rival brokerage apps and monitoring the market, the company devoted much time and huge efforts to do it right promoting the product as one of the essential competitive edges that have guaranteed its industry predominance.

IQ Option Withholding Procedure and Low Limit Down Payment          

The brokerage registered customers are able to carry out initial down payment the way of Visa, Mastercard, American Express debit/credit card alongside a bank wire and online based cash transferring services such as Neteller and Skrill. The low limit deposited fund volume is only 10 GBP. Depending on the primary cash volume paid, the account type will be assigned automatically. For instance, the VIP account balance should be deposited with 1000 GBP in order to have a hustling account activated – profits include refund restrictions estimated at up to sixty percent as well as more favourable down payment reward and more dynamic withholding. It will only take one bank day to have a withholding inquiry eventually processed, unlike standard account types with their 3-day processing. The brokerage system has determined the verification process completion by submitting necessary data and other relevant documents required in order to identify a personality of a potential customer. Prior to initiating a withholding request and in order to avoid any kind of interruptions and disputes, dealers should provide only accurate information to count on the positive outcome. Inexact data provision may cause the temporary ban or even an investment volume loss. Money can be taken out in the same payment method as it was previously deposited – cash transfer and any type of widely acceptable debit/credit card. The withholding low limit cash volume requested is the similar to the deposited amount – just 10 GBP. IQ Option does not charge any withholding fees from customers.

IQ Option Trading Types

The binary trading venture board is associated with only two trading types. Due to the fact, it has promoted to concentrate on the venue options’ improvement warranty and payouts still remain very competitive.

The available option list includes:

  • Binary options – the traditional binary option type with 15-minute expiration term;
  • Turbo – same as the ordinary binary option, but with a shorter lasting time frame. Turbo options are basically accessible within only one-minute levels.

IQ Option payoff rates

The payout brokerage structure is completely transparent. The majority of holdings traded in IQ Option has tended to see payout rate estimated at about 84 percent. Depending on the chosen asset and expiration terms, payoff rates may vary. The broker provides an opportunity to use the repayment slider decreasing payout rates in return for compensating a percentage of any kind of failure operations.

At the present moment, IQ Option has tended to continue with the ongoing growth process gaining a solid reputation among rival dealing boards, own registered customers and industry experts. The available options list and advanced trading solutions called for the process gradual simplifying have promoted their credible status of one of the leading options trading platforms in the market nowadays. There is still a huge space for further development. Dealers should always keep in mind that despite the binary trading broker credibility level, the only way to avoid fund losses is following thought-out options trading strategies and their proper application. Hustlers should always be patient and keep calm because irrational thinking often results in losing trades along with money and time wasting. IQ Option does its best to provide the premium quality services to its customers still attracting new dealers. The gambling game is nothing but a risk and strategic foreseeing is the only course hustlers should adhere in order to achieve the desirable goals and earn huge funds.


Binary Broker Conditions U.S. traders accepted? RATING
Return: 91%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%

Return: 90%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
Return: 91%
Min.deposit: $250
Bonus: 0%


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