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BinBot Pro
BinBot Pro Review

Min. deposit: $250
Return: 88%
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Option Auto Trading Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 82%
OptionRobot Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 85%

It can be complicated learning the best way to trade in binary options particularly if you have never traded in this type of market before. Fortunately there is an alternative; binary options auto trading is the name given to software designed to study the markets whilst placing trades for you; in-line with your preferences. It uses advanced algorithms plus the skills of experienced investors to calculate when a price movement is about to happen; then trades accordingly.

Accessing the Binary Options Auto Trading Software

Binary Options Auto Trading This type of autonomous software is open to anyone to access and is exceptionally easy to establish yourself with. Whether you are new to this industry or are an old hand there is no better way of getting to know the different techniques and trading styles. There are many different factors which need to be considered before turning your predictions into trades, in fact it is generally a little overwhelming when you first start trading. Using binary options auto trading software provides the opportunity to commence trading immediately and then learn the processes.

Using automated software is not new; it has existed for many years; as long as trading in binary options has been possible. But, the approach is now much easier, the robots can now be accessed almost effortlessly; making it possible for anyone to successfully use this approach to trading.

Getting Started with Binary Options Robots

The majority of binary options auto trading robots do not charge you for using their service; their income is derived from your broker. In general you will need to deposit $200 with your broker account which must be linked to your robot account. However, there are some brokers which will allow even lower initial deposits.

Establishing your Parameters

The most important thing to do once you have created a binary options auto trading account is to establish your parameters. This tells the robot how much you are willing to trade and which types of trades and strategies you are happy to use. Once these parameters are set the auto trading robot can place trades on your behalf within those limits. This ensures you always remain in control.

Choosing a Binary Options Broker

Most binary options robots have specific binary brokers that they will link with; it is too complex to enable trading with all the different brokers. You can choose your broker by selecting a robot and seeing which brokers work with it, or, you can select your binary options broker and find a robot which will work with it. This will ensure the two software systems are properly integrated and provide the best possible results.

Expected Rate Of Return With Binary Options Auto Trading Software

It may be tempting to listen to some of the outrageous promises that are offered by some brokers. However, any broker who offers figures like $17,000 a week is not genuine. Although it is possible it is extremely unlikely; especially if you have no prior experience of trading. Instead you should be looking for robots which offer realistic win rates of sixty to seventy percent.

Sampling the Binary Options Robots

An autonomous system will be much quicker at studying multiple assets and price trends and they will not need to take a break. They will also use complex algorithms to assess market changes and decide when a price shift is potentially going to happen. This is what enables inexperienced people to invest and is an excellent reason to use this type of software. However, it is also essential to dedicate yourself to understanding the trades and, eventually, to trade off your own market readings.

For the duration it is an excellent way to get started as the software will provide the knowledge you have not yet gained and the opportunity to understand why particular trades are a good idea and how they work. This will be invaluable advice in future trades.

Signals or Binary Options Auto Trading

It is possible to place your own trades based on signals provided by binary options auto trading robots or even other traders. This means you will need to act fast and place the exact trade but can also exercise caution if you need to. The alternative is the fully automated robot which detects the signal and places the trade for you.

When you use a binary options auto trading robot you do not need to consider the investment, in fact, by the time you have thought about it the trade will have been placed and may even have ended! An automated system requires you to do nothing except enjoy the results which should provide a consistent success rate over the long term. The better the binary options robot the more trades you will be able to place simultaneously without even understanding exactly what the market is doing.

BinaryBot Pro

Binary Options Auto Trading Software

There are now hundreds of firms offering binary options auto trading and there can often only be subtle differences between them. It is important to recognize these differences and choose the right robot according to your trading requirements.

The Expert Approach

Both algorithms and expert experience have their place when conjoined with a binary options auto trading. The software approach is excellent at detecting patterns which can be utilized to generate returns from short term trades. This is because the market changes so quickly even an experienced trader will struggle to analyze all the information in time. However, an experienced trader is generally better at locating and predicting longer trends; such as a day long.

However, you should also base your decision on which to use on the way the software has been laid out and its ease of use. The easier it is to use the better!

Are All Binary Options Auto Trading Options The Same?

There are several different approaches to the software side of binary options robots. The first is to access an automated system by downloading a copy of their software and installing it on your hard drive whilst creating an account. Unfortunately this approach generally leads to issues with the download and connectivity problems. You will also not be able to trade autonomously unless you are online. Setting up this method can also be time consuming when most people do not have time to spare.

Binary Auto Trading Plugins

The alternative is to use what is known as a plugin. This is a much smaller program loaded onto the local drive on your computer. This then accesses the main program and operates through the normal trading platform on your behalf. Unfortunately instead of taking the best of both worlds it often ends up being the worst possible solution. Much of the reason for this is that it is a very clunky solution and can still be incredibly time consuming.

The Web

The third and undoubtedly smoothest solution is to use software which operates on the internet. You do not need to download anything and you do not need to be online in order for your trades to be processed. You retain complete control and can generally monitor the trades whilst on the move and even adjust the settings with a few simple commands.

The Cost of Binary Options Auto Trading

It is not easy to provide an exact answer. Some systems charge an annual fee which can be as much as $500; others charge nothing and receive their funds from the broker as a form of commission. It is also possible to locate paid robots which offer a free alternative but does not provide the full range of options.

It is worth noting that any robot which needs to be paid for will need an activation code; this is merely for the software owner’s safety.

The Free Option

There are many binary options auto trading robots which offer a free solution and they are not only generally good at generating profits they are also exceptionally easy to sign up with.

There are some products which will not work as effectively with the Mac and if this is your chosen computer type you are best advised to use a web based robot.

Are Binary Options Robots a Scam?

Like any industry there are some businesses which offer a better service than others and there will always be those who are looking to make quick money at your expense. To safeguard yourself you should always review the brokers and robots you are considering and never choose a firm simply because they are promising you the earth. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

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