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BROKER Conditions U.S.-friendly? Trading RATING
BinaryMate Review

Min. deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Robot: YES!
BinaryCent Review

Min. deposit: $200
Bonus: 0%
Return: 89%
Trading: Binary
Finpari Review

Min. deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
Return: 90%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Robot: YES!
24Option Review

Min. deposit: $250
Bonus: 0%
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Robot: YES!
IQ Option
IQ Option Review

Min. deposit: $200
Bonus: 0%
Return: 89%
Trading: Binary

Binary Options Brokers and Binary Trading Industry

Binary Options TradingBinary trading is a way to earn a little extra on the side; it can even be a way to learn a living. It has been a valid way of investing in the stock market for many years. However, until relatively recently it was an activity which was usually carried out under the counter; this simply means it was not part of the mainstream stock market options. Since the economic crisis of 2008 there has been an explosion of binary options brokers. Where there was once just a few there are now over four hundredbinary options brokers to choose from. The increase in interest and the acceptance of this type of investing is a result of clever marketing and the ability for anyone to generate a healthy rate of return; without needing financial market experience.

There are already many people creating an additional income for themselves by using this simple system. The basic premise is to decide whether the price of a specific share will rise or fall within a set time frame. Once you have selected the price direction, you can purchase a trade. This involves specifying how much you wish to risk on a trade, understanding how much you can gain in return and how long your trade will last. This can be for as little as thirty seconds or for several weeks. At the end of the trade you will receive the agreed rate of return. Unless, your prediction is incorrect in which case you will lose the funds you purchased the trade with.

Binary Options Brokers and Education

It is possible to trade by luck alone, but you are unlikely to see significant or consistent returns. To ensure you generate an income from this type of trading you must be prepared to study the markets and learn some of the binary options strategies. Fortunately, this is something that most binary options brokers are happy to help with. You should find an educational section on the website of your chosen binary broker; this will help you to understand the basics and even more advanced strategies. You can also talk with other traders regarding the different approaches.

How To Choose Binary Options Broker Without Regrets

The following points should be taken into consideration before making any decision regarding the choice of binary options broker.

Binary Options Reviews

You need to pay attention to binary options brokers review sites ( like BinaryAuctions ) They constantly update, compare and precise information related to various binary options brokers

Binary Broker's Reputation

There are scam brokers out there - they would be happy to take your money and not deliver a service. That's why it is important to search for your desired broker on so called binary scam watch services and trading forums. 

Withdrawals and deposits

Some binary options brokers have really complicated procedures related to depositing and withdrawing the funds. So, you need to make a research regarding every aspect of all financial procedures.

Binary Options Brokers Licenses and Regulations

It is always preferable and safer to use a regulated binary options broker. Regulated brokers may not accept traders from partictular countries as well as have other service limitations.

Binary Options Platform

Traders are interested to use professional software which is user-friendly, techniclaly reliable and have wide number of trading features important for every binary trader. That's why it is important to know which binary options platform your binary broker is using.

Customer Support

Questions and problems need to be resolved as soon as possible. It is important that your broker has constant 24/7 live support.

Who Is The Best Binary Options Broker?

This question is typical for every new binary trader. However, the answer may vary and is dependent on many factors - trader geo location, binary broker reputation, trading conditions, withdrawals and depositing options. Every binary brokers has pros and cons - you need to make your final decision.   

Do Not Pay Too Much Attention to Binary Options Bonuses

Another important element in any initial research are binary options bonuses. These may be 30% for the first deposit bonus, a 100% bonus, binary options signals, or Risk free trades. A careful look at the terms and conditions for each binary broker is really essential.

Conclusion on Binary Options Broker Selection

The best way to search through all the different binary options brokers and find the one that best suits your needs is to use one of the review sites. Pay attention to recommended binary options brokers reviews, binary scam watch sites and ratings. Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member who is already trading in binary options then you can consult them for a recommendation. Meanwhile BinaryAuctions is offering to your attention its own list of recommended binary options brokers presented on this page.

USA Binary Options Brokers

USA Binary OptionsBinary Options Brokers in US are constrained by what can be regarded as the strictest regulations of any country. The purpose is deliberate completed by the United States government to protect their citizens.

A US trader can access the services of an American based and approved broker; they can also choose to use the services of an off-shore broker. However, many brokerages which are not registered in the US will simply not accept USA traders. The reason for this is that should a trader file a dispute, the US government will investigate and if the binary provider is at fault, they will impose heavy fines. As this has occurred on several occasions in recent years, most business have chosen to leave the potentially huge USA market to those which are registered with the appropriate US body. In general any firm offering a service to the United States will provide a first class platform. But, this is not always the case and caution must be applied.

UK Binary Options Brokers

UK Binary Options BrokersBinary options brokers in UK can provide services across Europe without needing further approval. Likewise, a European based business can grant access to its systems to any UK resident. If you live in the UK and wish to select a broker simply study the huge array of them and be safe in the knowledge that they are all controlled by the same set of financial rules. Of course, it is still possible to use a firm from outside of these economic areas but this would seem to be a pointless decision.

Any UK trader can easily access all the European market and even sign up to multiple brokers; although caution should be applied if you choose to use one outside of the EEA.

New Zealand Binary Options Brokers

New Zealand Binary Options BrokersBinary brokers in New Zealand are enjoying a boom in their marketplace. The country may not be one of the largest in the world but its economy has leapt from strength to strength in recent years and this has led to an increase of interest in the possibilities posed by binary trading. Fortunately New Zealand already has an excellent set of regulations thanks to the government body The Financial Markets Authority. This covers more than just binary trading; it deals with all financial operations within the country’s borders. Its main purpose is to ensure that all businesses operating within New Zealand are offering fair services to the public.

Although the regulation and the economy are geared for binary options, the actual industry is only just building here. This means that there are very few brokerages already registered. It is much easier for most customers to locate, review and join a firm based in Europe or any other country. Of course, European regulated firms are generally a safer bet than those who are not licensed.

As binary purchases is still a young service in this part of the world it is sensible to confirm your expectations and the risks you are happy to accept before you search for and commence using any brokerage firm.

Binary Options Brokers In Europe

European Binary Options BrokersBinary options brokers in Europe are common. The fact that CySEC is based in Europe and is the biggest regulatory body on Earth is a big influence in this. It is also because the market here spans over twenty countries and is massive. A simple registration in one European country will allow a firm to trade anywhere in Europe without any further registration needed.

Alongside this, anyone living in Europe is able to access a broker based outside of Europe. Of course, this includes those that are not registered and the appropriate degree of caution and care must be applied to ensure you use a reputable broker and not one which is simply after your funds. It could be said any resident of Europe is well protected and has unrivalled access to any broker or opportunity as it arises. It is never advisable to join a firm until their reputation is confirmed.

Binary Options Brokers in Canada

Binary Options Brokers In CanadaCanadian binary options brokers do not generally exist although it is legal to operate in binary contracts. The obvious cause of brokerages failure to register with the Canadian authority is due to the fact that the country is broken into ten distinct areas. These are referred to as provinces. Each of these can decide their own regulations for controlling binary brokers. Attempting to comply with all the rules is difficult and often considered a waste of resources. It is also deemed unnecessary by most firms as Canadian residents can easily access a European based broker.

Australian Binary Options Brokers

New Zealand Binary Options BrokersUntil recently binary options brokers in Australia were fairly difficult to locate. However, a surge in interest by residents of the country has created demand and even influenced the government to create a special department; known as ASIC, to monitor binary brokers.

Even before the increased interest it was legal for anyone to offer their services in Australia. This means that residents can now choose from Australian approved brokers and from foreign ones, which may or not be regulated. It is essential to confirm their status before you start using their services. A reputable service will have plenty of happy customers!

Binary Options Brokers In Malaysia

Malaysia Binary OptionsA surge in interest in binary options brokers in Malaysia. It can be called excellent news to many of the vast quantities of companies based in Europe and any licensed in Australia. Despite having two specific bodies to supervise these activities, the Malaysian government does not appear to have had any brokerages apply yet. It is probably a result of the ease of entry that any resident of Malaysia can register with a European based company; whether they are licensed or not. It is entirely acceptable for a foreign brokerage to allow Malaysian residents to utilize the service they are offering.

Binary Options Brokers In Philippines

Binary Options In PhilippinesDespite being a relatively small country the Philippines is actually well established financially. In fact, in contrast to many countries they already have a government agency called the Securities and Exchange Commission; is dedicated to ensuring all companies offering financial services inside its boundaries comply with the regulations they have put in place. There are already several brokers who have chosen to register themselves and are, therefore, listed as binary options brokers in  Philippines.

As a resident of this area you will also be entitled to use any firm you wish; regardless of where they are based. Again, businesses centered in Europe, particularly Cyprus, where CySEC operates from, are common choices. The emerging economy in the Philippines appears to offer the perfect backdrop for new traders to find brokers and establish themselves; as proved by the increased level of business being generated here.

South African Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options In South AfricaBinary options brokers in South Africa have been offering there services for many years. However, it is only in the last few that regulations have started to come into force. The Financial Services Board is the controlling body and all South African brokerages must be registered with it; they even have a dedicated subsidiary known as the FAISA which deals exclusive with this type of trade.

This change in policy and regulation is welcome, but, it does make it essential to ensure that if you are considering a broker based in the country you should check their credentials. If they are registered with the official body they should be safe to use. Of course, just like in most countries, you can choose to use a broker based offshore and, again, those regulated by CySEC are proving to be exceptionally popular.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a brokerage is whether it is compliant with an approved body and what services it is offering you. It is also worthwhile checking the reviews given to the broker by others.

Binary Options Brokers In UAE

UAE Binary OptionsBinary options brokers in UAE can be associated to the Dubai Financial Services Authority or to one of the other regulatory organizations in the UAE.

The economy here has been extremely buoyant lately; although they can also be extremely volatile. This creates an excellent set of opportunities for anyone who is comfortable with taking higher risks. Current records indicate approximately sixty businesses offering their services on the Dubai market and most are locally owned, operated and lucrative; thanks to the petroleum industry.

Alongside the possibility of generating significant capital through investing in this volatile sector there is an advantage in the fact that this market opens from Sunday to Thursday; if you purchase contracts in this region and Europe you can enjoy trading six days a week; dramatically improving your chances of successfully generating profit.

There is a high probability that the market will smooth here over time; it is therefore best to get started as soon as possible. But, only if you already know what how to trade and accept the high risks that are part of this environment. There are already plenty of happy customers which have already seized this potential!

Binary Options Brokers In India

India Binary OptionsBinary options brokers in India are performance checked by the Securities and Exchange Board; an Indian government agency. However, in common with other regions, you will find very few brokers who actually offer their service in this way. India is open to businesses from across the globe. It is usually easier and preferable to locate a quality European based business and use their services. Unfortunately, if you live in the country, you can choose from literally over four hundred brokers; you may need the assistance of a good review site!

Using a firm regulated in Cyprus is one of the most common and safest routes for any Indian trader. However, it is also important to confirm the initial deposit required and the amount you are allowed to place on each trade. High start up funds can often eliminate Indian customers from joining a brokerage; fortunately there are some which accept lower start-up funds and low transactions. This enables anyone to benefit from this lucrative opportunity.


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