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BinaDroid Review

BinaDroid Software Review-Best App in 2016

Finally after a month of scam reviews we are happy to present BinaDroid Software. The second signal software we will endorse in and with many approvals of BinaDroid software from trusted sites.

The software itself is pretty decent and without a single second waisted let us get on with the review. was found by a trader called Troy Everett and the software is based on android technology. Majority of software that was published failed to give us good percentage of win and they had many red flags before we even considered to sing up with them.

How BinaDroid works?

The system of BinaDroid is based on Algorithm which was created by Tory Everett and he used Android technology aswell to benefit from social media for a better result in his software.

The binary options trading software allows to make short-term trades based on technical analysis and Android technology is used for fundamental analysis by doing social media research. So it all gathers around nicely like icing on the cake.

Why is BinaDroid FREE?

The explanation of BinaDroid App is pretty simple, Troy Everett the leading algorithm system developer was creating new auto-trading software for investment companies.

But when it came to his company owners, they though they could get a slice of the cake and sold the BinaDroid software for decent price.

This reminds me of Nikola Tesla and Edison argument about Nikola creating light bulbs and Edison stealing the patent (not sure which is true but you get the idea).

So our fellow Tory Everett had to get revenge or put it to good use, in other way of saying, if I can’t get a share of what I created, then I will give BinaDroid software for free. It may sound tragic for a hard-working man but we much appreciate the kindness. 

Is BinaDroid Legit?

Troy Everett didn’t get any credit for his success for software but the leading Binary Options Authority website member Jacob, convinced Troy to publish BinaDroid for Binary Options instead of forex.

  • BinaDroid is absolutely free for the reasons mentioned above, plus it can be confirmed by watching Troy Everett statement in
  • has approved which they are the leading Authority in this industry.
  • Quick and helpful customer support to help in any kind of issue that may occur.
  • Software is able to make Auto-trades with auto pilot or semi-auto trades.
  • Despite any other scam or trusted software, BinaDroid supports all countries which is a big plus.
  • There is no restriction of brokers and you are allowed to choose your own broker. We suggest sticking with Cherry Trade and brokers that has regulations.
  • Minimum Trade requirement of BinaDroid system is only $5.
  • Generated signals have expiry of 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Decide your risk ratio for each trade.

Is BinaDroid Scam?

They are the Best Thing that happened in 2016

BinaDroid is not a scam. They are actually legit and while doing the research it was quite shocking that, their win ratio is over 80%. With this much success they may become the leading Auto-trading software within weeks.

They have responsive live support, high ITM rate (over 80%) flexibility of changing to Auto-pilot or Semi-manual controls over trades. User friendly interface for beginners and last but not least, they are actually legit.

BinaDroid Software Official Website

It is not easy to get in trusted signal section. We keep our endorsements tight. Its quality over quantity and we are happy to put BinaDroid software in to our list of recommendations.

We encourage our visitors to give a try on BinaDroid and share your results with us. And if you have any questions about the software do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help and guide.


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