Scholarship Contest

BinaryAuctions As binary trading has become more mainstream and more accepted by the general public there are a variety of incentives which are coming into existence to help people from all walks of life. This helps to heighten the awareness of binary options and the potential in binary trading. It can also help to show that this is a legitimate and financially viable option for many people. To raise the profile of the firm and ensure that all students have the opportunity to gain an education, BinaryAuctions has started a scholarship program. Any winner will have $2000 credited to their tuition account at the academic institution they have chosen to study at. As well as assisting with providing someone with an education, BinaryAuctions is helping to ensure that everyone understands how important it is to gain a good education. This is part of a wider project of helping people to develop their own financial freedom.

Providing you are studying at a recognized educational institution you can enter the competition. You do need to be over 16 years of age, but there is no upper age limit. Whether you are finishing high school, at university or gaining an adult education; you are welcome to apply.

The Application

Applying is extremely easy; all you need to do is write an essay of between eight hundred and one thousand six hundred words. The essay must be dedicated to the following topic - “Time or money - the proper choice”. There are no rules regarding the style of your writing; you can choose to write is as a story, a diary or even as a case study or methodology. The only limit on your approach and the exact content is your imagination.

It is important than any story be your own work and completely unique. Whilst creativity is important it is also essential to keep your story to the point, there is no room for unnecessary words in this comparatively short essay.

You will need to submit your completed essay by the 25th March, 2017; it is essential to include the title of your essay in your submission. The winning essay will be chosen during April 2017 - you will be notified via the email address you supply on submission.