Binary Options Trading Guide

Binary Auctions - Ultimate Guide To Binary Options TradingBinary options trading may seem like a simple thing. After all, we’re talking about making a bet whether a commodity has reached a certain price, either upward or downward. There’s nothing else to consider in the equation. The real problem is that it looks so easy. People with no prior investing experience can start buying binary options in minutes – and that is like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool.

For many newbies the biggest mistake they can make is to just start buying up options left and right. It is a tempting thing to do, especially when one is confident that they are making the right choices. People often end up trusting their feelings when it comes to buying binary options and this is a recipe for disaster.

How To Start Making Money With Binary Options?

ROBOT Features U.S.-friendly? Trading RATING
BinBot Pro
BinBot Pro Review

Min. deposit: $250
Return: 88%
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Option Auto Trading Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 82%
OptionRobot Review

Min. deposit: $200
Return: 85%

Proceed with registration process, submit the form, choose one of the binary brokers provided by the robot and complete your registration procedure


  1. Make a decision on how much do you want to invest
  2. Configure you robot - setup trading parameters. Every robot have different set of parameters, in the same time the most popular are assets to trade. Launch your automated trading session!

BROKER Conditions U.S.-friendly? Trading RATING

Min. deposit: $250
Bonus: 100%
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Robot: Yes!

Min. deposit: $200
Bonus: 0%
Return: 89%
Trading: Binary

Min. deposit: $250
Bonus: 0%
Return: 91%
Trading: CFD, Forex, Binary
Robot: Yes!

We advice you to open a 2-3 trading accounts with various brokers to insure efficient selection of assets.


  1. Select an asset to trade. Each binary options platform may have different assets - currencies, stocks, indices, commodities.
  2. Predict where the price should go. Choose "Call" if the price should go up, choose "Put" if the price should go down.
  3. Make a decision regarding your investment size and expiry time of the option.

The truth is that going in blind into binary options trading is no better than gambling. At best, you’ll end up only breaking even. At worst, you can end up losing a lot of money. It is possible to make money in binary options, but it will take a lot more work than people expect.

Binary options trading get complicated when you aim to make a profit. It is possible to make correct predictions but it will require you to look at the data available and to do some research. This is where free binary options trading tools and clear thinking comes in.

Developing a good trading plan and sticking to it is the key to success. There are quite a few tools that are easily available to traders that can help with this. This includes calendar and chart tools. These help visualize how a particular commodity’s price has developed through the years and months. Additionally, such tools can also chart your trading history which ensures that your buying impulse is kept in control.

Stop trading with your gut, start trading with your mind you can come out on top.


Is Binary Options Trading Profitable?

As you begin to enter into the binary options market, one of the core questions that might come into your mind is “Is binary options trading profitable?” The truth is that while there is always going to be some measure of risk associated with trading in binary options, there are also a number of extensive advantages to these kinds of investments.

Here are several of the best benefits that accompany binary options trading:

Binary Options Trading Potential for High Returns

Although there is a significant degree of binary options trading risk in the style of all-or-nothing trades like binary options, it also means that the rewards that you can receive are significantly higher than those available in other methods. In most cases, binary options traders who are successful will see between 60% and 95% returns on their initial investments.

Predetermined Risks and Rewards Of Binary Options Trading

Before you ever place a trade, you’ll be able to view the potential payouts, which can help you to decide which trades are worth your time and money beforehand. You can never lose more than the initial amount of your investment, which makes it easy to estimate the degree of binary options risk that a trade entails.

Quick Returns Of Binary Trading

Binary options trading can be completed in increments as short as 60 seconds, allowing traders who want fast profits to engage in numerous trades in a short period of time.

Binary Options Simplicity

With a basic prediction of whether or not value will change in a given direction, binary options are one of the least difficult investments to understand. If you plan to use automated trading ( one of so called robots ) - the whole process becomes even more simplier

Binary Options Demo Accounts

Many of the leading binary options brokers in the binary options market offer free binary options demo accounts that can be used to sample their services with virtual money. This is great not only for new traders who are learning their craft, but also for experienced investors who want to try out binary options strategies before they commit real money to a technique.

Variety and Flexibility

Binary options are one of the more flexible investments on the market, with extensive assets that can be traded and a great degree of choice in trade windows. This means that investors maintain a lot of control over the risks and rewards that they will experience in their trading.

Binary options are becoming an exciting new way for investors to become profitable very quickly. Is binary options trading profitable? With the right brokerage partners, a willingness to learn, and an understanding of the ways that binary options work, it is definitely possible to build profits using these innovative investments.

How to Trade Binary Options Profitably

Making the decision to trade binary options profitably is only the first step of your journey. To trade consistently you need to understand the market and develop an approach which works for you. This may mean enlisting the help of other traders, a signaling service or even following the majority trades each time. However, there are some other, simple options you can undertake to improve your trading:

Binary Options Trading Tools

Although anyone can place a trade and be successful this requires luck instead of judgment; this is not an approach which is sustainable in the long term. The only way to be successful in any field is to study hard and understand what you are trading. In order to trade binary options successfully you need to understand basic economics, the movement of stocks and shares are directly connected to how the economy is performing and even specific announcements. To help understand the market and trade at the right time it is essential to use some of the binary options tools which are available.

Reliable Binary Options Broker

There are literally hundreds of binary options brokers; all of them offer attractive deals and a range of benefits, perks and binary options bonuses. In order to trade binary options profitably you must choose a broker which you can trust. An important part of this is checking whether a broker is registered or not and reading their terms and conditions. You can also find binary options brokers reviews online to help you make a decision.

Trade With Finpari

Binary Options Trading Practice

Not every trade will end successfully; even the best traders cannot get it right every time. You need to take it slowly and start small; you should also be prepared to lose your initial funds in order to gain the necessary experience to start trading successfully.

Plan for Binary Options Trading

You must decide how much risk you are prepared to take, how many trades you will place in one day and how you will decide upon a trade. Whatever you approach you will need to plan your approach and stick to it.


Some assets rely on another one; as one moves one way the other moves in the opposite direction. Whilst it is possible to trade on this type of asset it is not advisable for new traders. The most likely outcome is one successful trade and one unsuccessful; probably resulting in an overall loss. Stick to the single action trades.

Binary Options Demo Accounts

Most binary options brokers offer demo accounts which give you the opportunity to practice using virtual money. This can be a great way to develop your strategy and get used to the market. If a demo account is offered make the most of it!

Trading Binary Options - Most Popular Market Myths

Binary options trading represents a fairly new strategy in the world of investments. With the ability to capitalize on rapid changes in the marketplace, these simple investments have been an enticing option for investors around the globe.

Like every kind of investment tool out there, however, there are a lot of misconceptions swirling around the world of binary options trading. While this specific vehicle for investment is not meant for every trader, understanding the actual benefits and risks associated with binary options trading can help you to participate in the market in a meaningful way.

We’ll take a look at some of the commonly held misconceptions about trading binary options, dissecting these ideas to discuss the realities of the binary options world.

Market Myth: Trading Binary Options is the Equivalent of Gambling

If you’ve never traded in binary options, chances are you believe that after making an account with a broker and investing initial funds, your goal is simply to place bets on whether a particular option will rise or fall in value. While it is certainly possible to trade in this manner, investors who operate like that never make money in the market. Instead, experienced traders use extensive time and energy to dissect the trends, market events, and background of a given asset before placing a trade, meaning that it becomes much more of an educated prediction than a guess.

Market Myth: Only Wealthy Investors Can Trade

In the past, investments in general were seen as a rich person’s game, usually reserved for a specific elite who had nothing else to do with their time. Binary options have sometimes been viewed in a similar light.

However, trading binary options is actually fairly easy and does not require a lot of funds to get started. Even everyday people who have a little budget set aside can get involved in binary options.

Market Myth: There is No Point to Using Demonstrational Accounts

The services offered by binary options brokers vary greatly. Just like you wouldn’t begin to build a house without a detailed blueprint, it is important to have a plan for the way that you plan to use your brokerage account.

Demo accounts offer vital insight into the nature of a given brokerage platform. Not only can they give you hands on experience with the broker themselves, but they also offer invaluable resources for trying out new strategies and working with assets you’ve never used before. Whether you have been trading for years or are just getting started, demo accounts can be one of the best tools that you use to refine your practices.

Market Myth: Binary Options Can Be Manipulated

Because binary options are directly correlated to the various world markets, commodities, and currencies, there is no real way to manipulate the results of a trade. Each individual trade can have its own parameters, including length of expiry, type of trade, and value prediction.

While there are some investors who have a bad taste left in their mouth after unsuccessfully trying to participate in the binary options market, the system is by no means controlled by an outside party.

US Binary Options Broker

Market Myth: All Brokers Are Scammers

While not every brokerage service is created equal, it does not follow that every binary options broker is a scammer.

It is true that some binary options brokers offer better and worse terms for their traders than others, however, so it can be helpful to independently assess the various platforms to determine which ones are most likely to help you to build a strong set of investments.

Market Myth: Binary Options Lead to Speedy Returns

There are a number of binary brokers on the market today who entice new customers by offering extremely high returns within a short window of time. With all of the advertising, it can be possible to buy into the myth that a brokerage service can make a trader successful simply by using their services.

In reality, success in the world of binary options requires time, dedication, education and energy. Returns are not usually astronomical on binary options, but when a solid strategy is employed on a regular basis, it is possible to retain a good deal of profit.

Market Myth: Bonus Funds Have No Cost

One of the more confusing aspects of a binary options broker to new traders is the availability of bonus funds. While some traders view this bonus money as a reward, the reality is that these bonuses are usually attached to a number of conditions, including minimum trade values, maximum that can be claimed within a given period, and other restrictions.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your knowledge and understanding of a brokerage service’s bonus structure, you can reject the bonus funds.

Market Myth: Only Experienced Investors Should Venture into Binary Options

While other investment vehicles are very restrictive, binary options are actually one of the more open investment types on the market, allowing traders of all skill levels to learn and improve their strategies. Market analysis can seem complicated, but when a trader partners with the right broker, they can often benefit from the availability of advanced tools that give vital information at the click of a button.

In many cases, high quality binary options brokers offer educational resources, including master classes and mentors, that can help traders to better understand the market that they are operating in. Tools and resources like these have helped countless traders to begin to use binary options trading to their advantage, while feeling confident in their skills and abilities.

Market Myth: Traders Can’t Imagine What to Expect

While there are only two potential ways that a trade can go, it never means that a trade is guaranteed to perform favorably. However, with a bit of basic research, most traders find that they can predict an asset’s future value with some degree of expectation.

Additionally, every trade that is made through the binary options market lists out the potential payouts for the trade before it is placed, helping the trader to correctly evaluate the weight of a given investment decision before placing funds on the line.

These two factors allow most traders to assess the risks and rewards of a given trade well in advance, which can help them to develop the appropriate binary options trading strategies accordingly.

Automated Trading - Trade While You Sleep!

Market Myth: Trading Binary Options Is An Addiction

This myth usually relates to the idea that binary options are somehow like gambling. However, most traders on the market only place a trade after performing a high degree of research and analysis. The best strategies for trading involve rules that eliminate emotional factors from decision-making, which can increase the profitability of trades over time.

Binary options trades aren’t the perfect means of investment for every person, but when they are properly understood and employed, they can be a great vehicle for returns in a volatile market.

Understanding Binary Options Trading Industry in 2017

Every year sees a variety of changes within each industry. Every one of these changes has the potential to affect the binary options world as funds are generated on the performance of other industries. However, the year just gone has been even more turbulent than normal for many reasons. There has been numerous break-ups between binary options firms and brokers as wells new partnerships; some even with big stars.

Alongside this the security of binary options trading has been quietly improving and the number of excellent and lucrative trades has generally been up. With this in mind it is worth looking at what trends are likely to affect the binary options industry in 2017:


Binary options trading is becoming more mainstream and more accepted. The result is more influence and a higher profile. The increase in influence, particularly by large regulatory bodies such as CySEC shows the increased acceptance of the industry as well as allowing better controls on the binary options brokers. There is no doubt that the influence of these bodies will continue to grow over the coming year.


Binary options are not a static industry. In fact it is a young industry which is experiencing rapid growth. Perhaps more importantly, the huge increase in brokers has meant that each firm is offering more and more as standard with their packages. The majority of the biggest binary options businesses now have advanced versions of all reports, economic indicators throughout the year and a range of alerts; all designed to make it easier for the trader. This trend is set to continue.

Worldwide Binary Options Trading

The Islamic trading account is a relatively new phenomenon which is allowing brokers to reach new markets. This is combining with the increased strength of many Asian countries as well as the Japanese and Australian markets to create more opportunities for traders and brokerages. This is another thing which is highly likely to continue throughout the year.

Binary Options Trading And Sponsorship

As binary options becomes more recognized and respected in the public eye it is highly likely that the current sponsorship partnerships with sports clubs and sports stars will expand into more mainstream media firms and, of course, celebrities. They are often seen as the ultimate endorsement. It will be interesting to see just how many binary options trading deals are struck with these high profile sponsors this year!

Binary Options Going Mobile

Mobile binary options trading are already a feature for many brokers. However, it is highly likely that this will increase in the coming months. Hand held devices are continuing to build in popularity and trading on the go will become an essential part of any binary options business. Without it they are likely to lose business. For this reason alone there will be a rapid growth in the number of brokers offering trading on the go.

Automated Trading - Trade While You Sleep!

Binary Options Education

The best traders have already preached about the importance of knowledge. Although many binayr options brokers already offer extensive educational facilities this is set to increase over the next year. The reason is simple; the internet has allowed people to become more aware of the potential of binary options trading. It has also allowed them to see the risks and learn from the web. This approach will spread and the brokers who offer the best educational material will be the ones which flourish. This means that all binary brokers will need to look at improving their educational resources.

Security Of Binary Options Trading

In recent years there have been many incidents regarding personal data going missing. Although this is not something that has affected the binary options industry yet, there is a real potential for this to happen. The result is a tightening of security which will be brought in over the next twelve months. The biggest and best firms have already upgraded their security measures; the others will soon follow suit.

All of these trends are geared towards an improved success rate and a better year generating funds that you experienced last year; no matter how good you thought it was!



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